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Northwest Florida Easter Weekend Safari-03
Fun was had by all who attended. We had 3 days of adventure, mud and flexing. The highlight of Day 1 at Dixieland was extratcting the major tree stump out of the Landcruiser's front bumper which is pictured below. Day 2 at Scavans ended up on a trail which kicked our but as a group and ended with a vote to turn around. Day 3 at Crestucki was a blast on a trail that had us all stretching our legs. We gave away many more prizes this year as we had many more sponsors this year than last. Such names as Advanced Adaptors, Warn, Mile Marker, Bushwacker, Borgeson, and many more sent in some great prizes to give away with promises to sponsor again next year. Including a $100 gift certificate from Austin's Auto. We at Austin's would like to thank everyone who attended for abiding by our Tread Lightly policy and as a group we had no problems with trash being dispensed into the surroundings. I am still waiting on any photo's from attendee's; please email your photo's to

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Day 1- Dixieland

Dixieland turned into a stump extraction day. As you can see the stump is as big as Shawn who owned the Landcruiser which took a liking to the stump. Shawn and his group turned out to be real trooper's throughout the event considering they had a stock Landcruiser with pizza cutter tires and a full load of passenger's.

Day 3- Crestucki

Day 3 led us to Crestucki, better known as Crestview. This is a flexing trail with some awesome washouts. It is primarily red clay. It is a realively short trail and is located right off of Interstate 10 which made it perfect for our last day of trailriding. Fun was had by all and I believe the Landcruiser gang learned alot about thier vehicle and it's capabilities thanks to a good spotter.

Day 2- Scavans

Scavans turned out to be a real eventful day. We had confusion from the get go concerning parking; I know, it's my wife, but she was not awake yet; but once that all got straightened out we had a great time.We got on trail at around 11:00AM and I beleive we got off trail at around 10:00PM.
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