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Waterproofing Your Distributor

The estimated time to perform this upgrade is about an hour. You can request this to be done by the technicians at Austin's Auto for 1 hour labor cost plus cost of cap and rotor if needed.

  1. Mark the distributor cap and the distributor body to make alignment easier when re-installing. Take the distributor cap off of the distributor. This is an excellent time to inspect the distributor cap and rotor button. If they need replacing, do so at this time. I recommend to leave the spark plug wires connected if at all possible. If you do have to take the wires off to perform the following steps or if replacing the cap, mark the wires and the corresponding receptacle that they plug into so as to limit confusion when re-installing.
  2. Clean the edges of the distributor and the cap with a spray cleaner such as brake cleaner, carb cleaner or a comparable cleaner that will evaporate quickly and not leave an oily residue.
  3. Most distributors have a rubber plug that the wires pass through on the side of the body. You should be able to, using caution to not nick or scar the wires,pull this plug up and out of it's seat. Clean this plug and it's seat with the same spray cleaner used in step #2.
  4. If your distributor cap has a vent cap on the top, you will need to either push this cap out from the bottom or pry it off from the top. Be careful to not break the vent cap body on the distributor cap itself. If your cap doesn't have this vent cap, there are 2 opinions concerning this next step. The first opinion is that you need to drill a hole in the cap in a location to not interfere with the inner workings of the rotor button. The hole should be big enough to slip a piece of rubber hose tightly through just far enough to apply ATV Silicone(resist oils) to the top and the bottom of the cap around the hose to seal it off. This will allow any moisture that may enter the cap to evaporate as well as prevent pressure build up. The hose should be big enough to fit the line fitting on the breather we will discuss later. The second opinion is that you don't need this vent. My opinion is that if you didn't need them then why did they start putting them on newer caps. If you are replacing your cap, chances are that it will have a vent already on it, so it might be worth it to just replace the cap. They are cheap and it will prevent you from having to do this again anytime soon. Always replace the rotor button when replacing the cap, they are cheap also.
  5. Apply a liberal amount of ATV Silicone(resistant to oils) to the seat for the rubber plug removed in step #3 and re-install the plug into it's original seat. Then apply the ATV Silicone to either the seat just inside the edge of the distributor body or the seat located just inside the edge on the cap. You want to apply enough to seal it but not an excessive amount.
  6. Let the ATV Silicone skin over as per the instructions on the tube and re-install the distributor cap. Line up the marks you made in step #1 on the cap and distributor and re-install the cap. Tighten down the fasteners for the cap. Re-install the spark plug wires if they were removed.
  7. Next acquire vent filter P/N 4612901 from your local Dodge dealer. This is a great vent filter that has a large line fitting, built-in mounting bracket and a good paper filter inside. I think it is for a Plymouth Breeze. Find a location as high as you can above the distributor and relatively close on the fire wall to mount the vent filter. Run a hose that will fit tightly over both the line fitting on the filter and the line fitting on the distributor cap. Attach the hose to the distributor cap line fitting and secure with a hose clamp. Now run the hose to the vent filter you mounted on the fire wall being careful to leave enough slack so it can move with the engine but will not kink, get hung up on anything or get into any rotating components. Slide a hose clamp over the hose and slip the hose onto the vent filter line fitting and secure with the hose clamp.
  8. Apply die-electric grease to the insides of all spark plug wires at both ends and the coil wire at both ends. Any auto parts store should have this grease. It will keep out the water while not conducting electricity.

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